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    Buying InDesign Help

    dancedesign 5678

      I upgraded to InDesign 6 from InDesign 3 a few years back. I had 2 computers and a laptop. So I choose to upgrade a desktop and a laptop only. Now I am finding I need the other desktop to have InDesign 6. So, here are my questions....

      1. Can I buy only InDesign 6 for my desktop and can I get discounted update from InDesign 3?

      2. If I upgrade all my computers to InDesign CC what is the cost for all 3 of my computers?



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Once license covers two activations. Deactivating is very easy with Creative Cloud…with a perpetually licensed product, not so much. You would actually have to be at the machine you want to deactivate.




          With CC you can do it remotely. Your CS6 license entitles you to discount for the first year of $29.99/month for the full package. There are no discounts on monthly or single application subscription.