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    Lightroom rendering RAW file as over exposed.


      When I click on an image LR (5.6 CC on OSX Yosemite) applies a whole set of adjustments usually setting the exposure to be over exposed by about +1. I usually shoot images about -2/3. This is a real pain.

      I guess I don’t get why LR assumes the RAW file out of the OMD is underexposed and needs to be adjusted. This only seems to have started since I got LR5 CC last winter. Before that I never had the issue.

      I have read a number of threads here on the forum about this “issue”. I understand that what I see to begin with is the embedded jpg. Then LR re-renders the image according to what it thinks is right for the camera (Olympus OMD EM5 RAW). My question is, does anyone have a workflow that will keep me from having to adjust every image? What does everyone else do? The only thing I can come up with is to apply a preset when I import that will force the image into something more useful as a starting point.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't have an answer for you. I use a Nikon D90, and I consistently get overexposed images. I have decided that is because I don't really know how to use metering properly in the camera. I have compensated somewhat for the "problem" by setting my camera to underexpose by -.7. That seems to work pretty well for me. Instead of applying the preset, you could adjust the exposure as needed on one of your newly imported images and then save new camera defaults.


          I really think a lot of my overexposure problem can be attributed to not using the camera meter properly. Maybe I would get better results if I devoted some time to learn the right way. That probably isn't your problem. But I have learned how to compensate for myself.

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            lrjanzen13 Level 1

            I don't think it is from the camera. JPGs are fine and properly exposed. The embedded JPG is fine and properly exposed.

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              DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

              When processing the RAW data from the camera Lightroom does not read any special settings or profiles you have set there.

              Also make sure you do not have "Apply auto tone adjustments." selected in your Preferences> Presets tab> Default develop settings.

              Lightroom works just fine with the raw files from my OMD E-M1