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    Eclipse Plugin unable to add MXML component


      I click on "New" and then choose "Other".  The "Select a Wizard" popup comes up.  I then choose "MXML Component", but when I click "Next" nothing happens.


      Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this?


      I am running Adobe Flash Builder 4 Premium (Version 4.0 build 272416)

      I am running Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers Indigo Service Release 2 Build id 20120216-1857


      An error occurs in the .metadata/.log file

      !ENTRY org.eclipse.ui 4 0 2014-11-05 10:06:37.605

      !MESSAGE Unhandled event loop exception

      !STACK 0


      at com.adobe.flexbuilder.mxml.editor.ui.wizards.MXMLComponentControl.updateComponentText(MXM LComponentControl.java:209)

      at com.adobe.flexbuilder.mxml.editor.ui.wizards.MXMLComponentControl.createBaseComponentTagC ontrol(MXMLComponentControl.java:202)

      at com.adobe.flexbuilder.mxml.editor.ui.wizards.MXMLComponentControl.createControl(MXMLCompo nentControl.java:96)

      at com.adobe.flexbuilder.mxml.editor.ui.wizards.NewMXMLComponentWizard$NewMXMLComponentWizar dPage.createAdditionalControls(NewMXMLComponentWizard.java:224)

      at com.adobe.flexbuilder.mxml.editor.ui.wizards.AbstractNewMXMLFileWizardPage.createControl( AbstractNewMXMLFileWizardPage.java:180)