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    After Effects crashes on startup - Various Errors - Windows 7 64bit


      AE CC 2014 13.1.1


      Windows 7 64bit

      12 GB Ram

      Intel Xeon CPR W3680 @ 3.33 GHz 3.33 GHz

      Hyper-threaded 12 cores

      NVIDIA Quadro 2000



      After effects on startup crashes constantly on me. I get various errors, the newest is error code 1268; D_MCp_SetupExporterModule


      Sometimes it is a dynamic link error, and sometimes there is errors.


      If I actually get it to open and work, I'm usually OK until I close the program. At that point there is almost no way I'm getting back in without a reboot.


      I've worked on this same machine for three years and had pretty good luck with every version of AE since 5.5.