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    Static Banner Resizes - Is Edge For Me?


      I saw a video that showed how easy resizing a banner can be with Edge.

      I know its primarily for motion and interactive banners, but I was wondering if Edge is also helpful for static banners like jpgs?


      Our company also will have to create some animated banners down the road but I think HTML5 is too new of a technology for them to put their money on, but I assume it has flash and gif output capabilities.


      So for static ads in the meantime, and possible animated (non HTML5 for the time being) ads, would you recommend I start using Edge?

      Or is edge not meant for these uses.

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          DylanGraft Level 1

          From personal experience, a lot of the companies offering ad spots are still only accepting .swf, .gif, .jpg formats. None of which can be directly output from edge. The only instance in which they would accept HTML5 was if we hosted the content and then provided them a link to tether to their banner space. This seems like a fine option if you have hosting space. But I know that's a limit for some.


          You cannot export .swf files from edge, so if you are planning on building non HTML5 animated banners you'd be better off using flash.


          And if you are working with static ads, paint would be better than Edge . About the only way to export a static image from edge is to take a screen shot.


          Hope this helps your decision.