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    Touchmove to Drag Object Fails

    multimedia-communications Level 1

      I cannot find a working example of the touchmove trigger anywhere in these forums (or on the Internet).

      Anyone who is successful in dragging an object with touch does so by injecting custom init() handlers into a Stage action upon creationComplete. But I can't find anyone who has used Edge Animate's built-in touchmove trigger on an object.

      This code works perfectly for click-and-drag:



      // insert code to be run when the mouse hovers over the object

      sym.$("myobject").draggable({opacity:0.50 , revert:"invalid"});


      However, this code does nothing in a touch interface for me:



      // insert code to be run when a user drags an object (for touch devices only)

      sym.$("myobject").draggable({opacity:0.50 , revert:"invalid"});


      Can anyone point me to a working example of an action triggered by touchmove on an object in Edge Animate?