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    Premier Elements 12 / Video stops while I'm doing other things / how can I change this?


      Hello and first sorry for my bad english, hope you understand my question anyway...


      While I'm using Premier Elements 12 I would love to do different things in the same time. For instance I watch over a Video and watch the full length like 30 Minutes... and every 5 Minuts I have to correct something with the program. So I use facebook in the same time. But everytime I click at the facebook window, Premier elements stops the play of the video. For me it's annoying cause most oft the things I have to correct are related with the sound not the video itself... so it pause while I'm answering a friend and when I start it again... Is there any possibility to let the video move on while I do other things? I didn't find anything But maybe somebody has a clou for me?


      Thank you very much