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    After Effects text camera tracking problem


      Hey everyone,


      I have some trouble with creating the effect of having some text in a clip, appearing to be floating in the shot ("3D").

      In the scene, I have filmed a large area (inside of a church) from one position, only letting the camera film from left to right (fixed position, variable rotation). After importing this clip and applying the 3D camera tracking effect, I have added a text-layer, made this a 3D layer, and manoeuvred in the desired position. But, when playing this scene, the text drifts/jerks a bit (a bit upwards, a downwards..). I thought, maybe the position only "looks" correct, but is not the actual position. So, after trying different positions, but still having the text appearing to be in the same spot, this still doesn't solve the problem of having the text not fixed to the position.

      Another thing I tried was using other Camera solving programs, Boujou and Blender, and importing the camera into AE. This still gives the same problem, and the tracking point of every track seems to be perfect. So, if the camera is more or less solved correctly, what else can cause my text layer to wiggle/drift during the shot?

      I'm quite new to this, so any help would be welcome. And, if more info is needed, please let me know!