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    Flex Localization: Could not find compiled resource bundle


      I tried every solution i found in the internet.

      Im using flex 4.5, This is what im doing:

      1. created directory locale/en_US in my src directory
      2. add resources.properties file to that directory with some mappings.
      3. add -locale en_US -source-path=./locale/{locale} -allow-source-path-overlap=true to the compile args.
      4. checked in the framework that the en_US locale directory appear.
      5. add metadata:
        <fx:Metadata> [ResourceBundle("resources")] </fx:Metadata>

      starting the app gives me the exception:

      Error: Could not find compiled resource bundle 'resources' for locale 'en_US'.

      This is some of the main solutions i tried:

      1. uncheck "Remove unused RSLs" from the build path.
      2. add the directory as a source path.
      3. using the argument -include-resource-bundles and give my directory here (with using the argument -resource-bundle-list to get all bundles).

      Any idea what else can i do?