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    tethering D810


      I just upgraded to Lightroom 5.6.  I am working with a photographer who wants to do a tethered photoshoot with his Nikon D810.  I know Lightroom 5.6 supports the Nikon D810 camera, but can I use it to tether with my MacBook?

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          tunney moriarty Level 2

          I did away with tethering. I use the Nikon Transmitter Utility which allows me to take shots and move around my subject without wires dangling all over the place. Both the camera ( I use a Nikon D4) and my laptop and my in home iMac have the Nikon Utility and the shots I take are transferred to the laptop or home computer faster than if I had used a tethered usb cord. I would never go back tethering again. The photos are dropped into LightRoom 5.6 automatically, just as if I was using an tethered cord. The good part is that there are no cords and you can move all around and take your shots and each is transferred automatically from the camera, to your laptop/home computer and into LightRoom.


          You just have to set up your camera and laptop/home computer with the Nikon Wireless Transmitter Utility. And I only shoot raw so the files are around 26 meg each. Tethering is old technology. The Nikon Wireless Transmitter Utility is free from Nikon.



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            RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

            Tethering is now supported: Lightroom 5.7 now available