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    How to authorize more than one computer



      Just donwloaded an ebook for an exam and succesfully loaded in my computer.

      Now the problem is that I can't visualize it on my laptop because I can't authorize the computer with the same Adobe ID. How do I do that? What do I have to do to be able to see the file both on my iMac and on my laptop?

      Both are running Mac Os X Snow Leopard and Digital Editions 2.0.


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          Are you getting an error when you try to authorize your laptop? If so, what does the error say?


          If not, you can authorize your laptop by going to the Help menu and selecting Authorize Computer...


          If that option is disabled, it means that your laptop is already authorized. Go to Help -> Authorization Information... to see which account is authorized. If it is not the account you're using on your iMac, you have 2 options:

          1. De-authorize your laptop - Command-Shift + D (or Ctrl-Shift + D), or
          2. Join the 2 accounts using Adobe's Account Synchronization page


          If you join the accounts, you will be able to read books from both accounts on your laptop. Once accounts are joined, they cannot be un-joined.

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            Fibro Level 1

            The error box says I can't authorize two computers with the same Adobe ID. So that means I have to create a new one and then merge them?

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              datalogics-alexk Level 1

              I wasn't expecting that!


              You should be able to authorize up to 6 computers with a single Adobe ID. If you reach your limit, you will get an error message along the lines of "You have exceeded your maximum number of activations."


              I don't think that creating a new account and joining it to the original one will help you. You may want to try contacting Adobe's customer service. They may be able to increase your number of activations or help you figure out why you're seeing that error message.