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    help with which type of account to get


      which do I choose? I'm a Professional, as in I have a Business, legally(so I would think Professional), but I'm brand new to to Adobe Products.I'm also a student of Photo Art & Mixed Media. I'm also a long time member of NAPP & KelbyOne(which makes me a student). I also do a lot of large event fundraisers & help High School student intern with me the entire process of shoot to print including film & digital(teacher!), yet I'm a disabled Paramedic/Firefighter after a career ending injury shortly after 9/11, leaving behind a 23yr career with FDNY & Commercial Ambulance care in CT, & my husband is a 21yr Ret Navy Chief & Vietnam Vet. Our income is limited to below poverty level since 4yrs ago SSD decided I could suddenly get a cure for MS & RA & PMR. We continue the fight but meanwhile, unfortunately the government doesn't think their Vets should be paid well. So..... Affordability wise, I'm not sure which ones best. please advise asap


      Marnie "Shutterbug" Cordes

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