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    User Groups missing in different version of Contribute


      I use Contribute 2.0 for Administration of our website, and the majority of my end-users are using Contribute 2.0 to edit different parts of the website with no problems.

      A few users are now using new Contribute 3.11 licenses, and when I try and create a connection to the website (both using a connection key and Edit > My Connections), I don't seem to get a full list of User Groups to choose from!

      It is very strange, when creating a connection in Contribute 2.0, I can see a full list of all User Groups. But when creating a connection in Contribute 3.11 I only get a partial list with some missing (I've tried recreating them with no luck)

      Any thoughts/help?

      Many Thanks,
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          ShamzZ Level 1

          I have a bit more information after playing around with Contribute.

          In the _mm folder, there are two configuration files:


          The site has only every been administered using Contribute 2, so there shouldn't be a .csi file should there? (which is only used by Contribute 3,4 from the Adobe Tech Notes I've read).

          When I add a new user group through Contribute 2 Administration, only the contribute.xml file is updated. And when I try to configure Contribute 3 to the new user group, it doesn't find it (the reason i'm guessing must be because it is checking the .csi file?)

          Any suggestions?

          The only work around I've found is to edit the .csi file directly and enter the markup manually for new user groups. This seems to work.... but can anyone tell me if this is safe / recommended?

          Many thanks for any help...