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    How do I create a rollover movieclip button?

    sean2148 Level 1

      I'm very new to Flash and would like to know firstly how I create a movieclip, and then how to make the movieclip into a rollover button (having the animation play when the cursor is over the button, and it pausing/restarting when taken off). Preferably in a step by step guide, thanks for any help!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          click insert>new symbol>movieclip.


          on the timeline create your movieclip animation.


          add a layer to frame 1 and add the following code:




          open your library and drag your movieclip from the library to the main timeline/stage.  in the properties panel assign an instance name, eg mc


          open the actions panel and add:





          function overF(e:MouseEvent):void{



          function outF(e:MouseEvent):void{


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