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    FLV without control bar


      I'm trying to reproduce the effect on this site : www.julianred.com.

      Notice how there is no control bar ? Plus, if you click and drag the red square that's moving around the page, the movie is moved forward or back without and pausing.

      Does anyone know how to achieve this kind of effect ? Any hints of things to google or tutorials to try out or even any bits of code ?

      Thanks !

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I don't know of a tutorial specifically. But you could do what you describe with the MediaDisplay component and by incrementing or decrementing the .playheadTime property (in seconds) based on the movement of the clip you're dragging. I didn't see anything when I went to the site ... apart from a preloader then nothing, so I can't exactly understand what you want to do.

          The MediaDisplay component is a video component without the controller part. I used it today with the playHeadTime property. I don't know if the FLVPlayback component is also an option as I haven't used it.

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            It's really easy to remove the timeline and control buttons from the FLVPlayback component:

            1. Click on the instance of the component on the stage.
            2. Select the Parameters tab, usually with the Properties panel below the stage.
            3. Click on "skin" and select "None" from the drop-down list.

            You can then get the total time from the FLVPlayback component's metadata event (see the Flash help for details) and use this to create your own draggable block to produce the same affect as the site you mentioned.

            Hope that helps.


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              Point Happy
              Removing the controlbar isn't hard. Assuming you are using Flash 8, you should just be able to do a command like
              this.attachMovie("FLVPlayback","my_FLVPlayback", this.getNextHighestDepth());

              I used this command to instance one, without a real component being created. So nothing needed to be unset. All it needed was a contentPath.

              You can get more info in the Flash help section under
              Creating an application with the FLVPlayback component.

              I think that the default with FLVPlayback is that there is no control bar.

              As the above poster said, you can make a small red bar into a symbol and make it semi-transparent, and then control it's location with actionscript.
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                cynthia_r Level 1
                Thanks for the hints everyone. I'll give them a try ;)