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    Color difference between LR and Export?


      Hey there,


      I've upgrade my system, installed Win 8.1 fresh, latest Lightroom, etc.

      I'm using an Eizo CG 277 Monitor which is calibrated.


      When re-importing my catalog, I noticed that there seemed to be a change in saturation, I had to correct

      many photos.. no idea why.

      I then did a test export, JPEG, 90% Quality, no resizing and compared it in Firefox and other programmes.


      The photo really had different colors in LR and Firefox, and I have no idea why. Here is a sample that should

      show the difference, left is LR, right is Firefox:




      Can anyone tell me what I have missed? I don't get it.. but I can't work like this.




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          I've restarted Windows and now it seems to be gone... is it possible that if I do a calibration while LR is running, it will not

          update the profile somehow? Very weird..


          Is there a way I can undo changes for the current image? If I undo, it always moves around between the images I have last selected etc, I'd like

          the undo history be for the current image I am looking at