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    How to optimize my computer performance?

    yash-lucid Level 1

      Thanks to the tweakers page, and many admins here, I've built my beast machine 6 months ago and it's great!


      I just want to know however, is there a way to see if there is a bottleneck in the system, or if something can be simply changed/upgraded to increase efficiency? My computer still struggles a little with 4K timelapses (Lightroom RAW -> Jpeg -> Ae Comp -> Dynamic Link into Ppro) and I am wondering how to figure out what needs to be upgraded next. Is there a simple way to monitor the usage of all hardware (RAM vs CPU vs GPU etc)?


      My specs are:

      Windows 8 & CC

      Core i7 4930K

      P9X79 E-WS Mobo

      32GB Corsair Vengeance ram kit

      240GB SSD for OS & Adobe

      6tb RAID 0 (2x3tb 7200rpm) for footage

      256GB SSD Exports drive

      128GB SSD Cache/Media Cache/Previews (Should i split this up rather?)

      EVGA GTX 780ti