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    I Did not recieve the confirmation




      I decided to buy adobe cc with student plan. Almost 2 days ago i bought adobe cc from internet. But it seems there is something wrong with my payment. Altought the payment was succesful I didnt recieve confirmation e-mail in two days. Can you please help me about this problem?


      Thank you



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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          I have personally messaged the order number, it is complete & you are ready to use the CC.





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            damareray Level 1

            Ok thank you i recieved your email but i have another question. How can i get the serial number from adobe?


            Thank you



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              Dear Rajshee,




              Please help me.


              I bought this version Adobe Retail CS6 Design Standard Win - 1 User  on Amazon.


              The item I got not a retail version.




              It came with a note that reads:




              "Dear Customer,




              "What you should know about Registering your Adobe product


              There is no need to register your product manually with Adobe, please note:




              The product you purchased is a Commercial Volume License Product, which means; unlike a Commercial Retail product that can be registered manually, the commercial volume product registration of the product is done automatically once it's activated. Registration Transfer to your name takes place after you install the product and activate it. You will see it registered in your account automatically within 30-45 days: (transfer process time). The reason the transfer process takes this amount of time, is due to Adobe's back log and they must go through their processing queue in order to transfer client installation information with Volume Licensing.




                In addition the advantages of a Commercial Volume License product is that it can be installed and used on 2 computers simultaneousy, whereas a Retail product can only be installed and used on 1 computer simultaneously. 


                The validation and registration transfer to your name and email address starts right after you activate your product. There is a copy of the product key in the disk that has the warning label, as well as below. 


              Please let us know if you have any other questions,




                "Sales and Support"




              I didn't open it, because I am worried maybe it is a scam. I only have 30 days to send it back, and get back my $ 2000.00.




              The installation key is inside! But, if I open the package I can't return it.


              I try to find a Adobe contact phone number in the last couple days, but I just can't find one.


              I am writing to you, because I read your answers in the same subject before.




              Can you help me? Thank you very much, VPearl


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                Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                Are you asking for the serial number of the CC?


                CC  mostly asks for serial number if:

                1. There is no CC registered to the ID with which you had signed.

                2. There are entries of Adobe in Host files of the computer.

                3. The activation count has increased.


                Please refer to:

                Creative Cloud applications ask for serial number

                Re: Invalid serial number?

                If you are looking for serial number for any other product, then follow Find your serial number quickly




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                  Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                  I understand that you have Volume licensing number which is registered in licensing.adobe.com, you can keep that & use it  at the same time if the product is within 30 days of purchase, you can return it & buy purchase the retail version.


                  Please message the Adobe order number that you have recieved by personal messaging, I can follow up it up for you.


                  Feature wise both are same, the difference is in the location of the serial number, retails are registered in www.adobe.com, volume serial numbers  are registered in licensing.adobe.com




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                    damareray Level 1

                    I bougt this product with academic plan so i found out that i had to proof my academic situation. So yesterday i found website to proof. i uploded my documents to adobe. Then i recieved this e-mail which says my order number is wrong. Can you please check?


                    'Hello Mr. Damar,


                    Thank you for your proof of academic status. Unfortunately we were unable to found an order in your account. Please provide the correct order id.


                    Or have you bought the software by a reseller? Please use the link:


                    www.adobe.com/go/eduverify (http://www.adobe.com/go/eduverify)


                    to request the serial number.


                    Wish you a nice day.


                    Kind regards,'

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                      Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                      On checking your account, it seems that the issue has been taken care of, your account also has 20 GB of storage place allocated indicating that you have an active CC.


                      Please feel to contact in case of any issue.