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    DVD / BluRay  Authoring

    welchphoto Level 1

      Since this is a discussion I am asking a question.


      Why has Adobe abandoned Encore? I know we can still use the CS6 version but the work flow is a pain and the work flow is counter to the way other programs work with each other.

      Now if I want to edit a menu in photoshop I must first open an old version of photoshop, CS6, otherwise CC 2014 opens but the menu never opens in it.

      This of course is on top of the fact I can no longer link right to Encore from Premiere or AE and that sucks.

      Really I am sure that not everyone who is buying into the cloud is only uploading finished product to a web site.

      How many wedding videographers out there no longer provide a DVD or Bluray disc? My guess is most all of them still do.

      I now produce DCP's for performances but I still have to also create DVD and Bluray discs to be sent to panelists or to our archive or other that ask for them. I now have to take longer to produce them and as we all know time is money.

      I feel Adobe should be providing the full box of tools to the content creators that have made it a very rich company.


      Your thoughts?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe did NOT abandon Encore... see #8 here for why http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1337952?tstart=0

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            welchphoto Level 1

            Maybe I did not make my point.

            Adobe should have a program like encore that does that job. We should not have to go outside of adobe for a program. We pay for a complete design software environment where we can do everything from within the creative cloud. That has been the hype from adobe all these years and until encore was abandoned and not replaced with something else.

            I just saying adobe can build great software and it gets better all the time and I love working with it but I do not love this aspect of what they have done and I think they need to do as the guy on SNL used to say, "Just Fix IT!"


            Again, your thoughts.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              From the link I posted - Adobe did *not* stop supporting Encore - the people who bought Sonic Solutions killed it off, and I do not see Adobe starting from scratch & building their own tool to do this as the development costs would be enormous


              I have to agree with Neil Wilkes... if Adobe had wanted to spend the time/money to write ALL of the code for Encore, they would have done so instead of licensing from another company... that license is gone, so Encore is dead

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Encore is end of life. Adobe support for Encore is imo relative. You can download the product but that is it.

                If you are stuck, the forum is the best place to come to.


                I dont find the workflow painfull. In the past I did not use DL either.

                I still use CS6 Photoshop for Encore. Dont need fancy tools to make a menu.