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    Cineware - Lighting from C4D Lite doesn't translate properly to AE

    Derjis Level 2

      Hi gang, I'm a reasonably proficient AE user, but am just starting to learn C4D. I've come up against an issue with the lighting from my C4D project file not translating properly to AE via Cineware. Most of my objects appear to be properly lit, but my floors and walls don't seem to be lit properly. The layer is definitely being brought to AE, as it's not transparent.

      I've tried applying textures to a plane, and to an object, like a cube or s disc, but the result is the same...

      I've created a split-screen image that shows off the problem; on the L is a screen cap from a C4D render; the R is the same frame within AE. The lighting on all of my background objects is fine, just not with the floor layer. Any suggestions?

      cineware lighting.jpg


      I've had the same problem with another scene, only with the walls. I'd applied a texture to a couple of walls (planes); the lighting was fine within C4D, but when I brought it to AE via Cineware, the walls weren't lit at all (though the other objects in the scene were).


      I'm running AE 2014.0.2 (I've avoided updating to the latest version of AE until some of the UI issues get sorted out...)