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    How to apply blending modes to a gif in CS6?


      Hello everyone! I am in need of a tutorial or at least a how-to-step-through on how to apply the different blending modes on a gif.

      For this specific situation, I have a gif with a black background and a white semi-glowing scope, but I just want the white glowing scope to show.

      I think that Lighten would be a good blending mode, but I just don't know how to produce the results I want.

      Could anyone give me a reference or a guide on how to do this?


      I'm not sure how to edit a gif either, being that there are so many tutorials saying this and that, leaving me confused in the end.

      If someone could break all this down for me in detail(as simple as possible) and what not, that'd be great!


      Until then, thank you!