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    Help, having trouble actioning symbol to play in edge animate?


      Sorry this is probably a very basic question and even so I'm having trouble getting a symbol to play when I click on some text.  I have a 'Location Map' link which essentially acts as a button to open up a location map of the business.  The location map is a symbol as I want it to fade in when the button is pressed and fade out when I close it.  I have managed to get this type of function to work when I had the location map placed on the main timeline and used a label to do this, but now I would like to have the map as a symbol.


      So on the 'location map' link/button the action reads:




      The "in" refers to a label within the symbol timeline.  I have also tried to remove the label and simply have:




      These are instructions I have followed from a number of tutorials, however I must be missing something because neither of these codes do anything when I click on the link.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Here is a link to the file:


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