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    I am thinking of buying a tablet to expand my drawing creativity. A few questions before i make my decision:


      I am thinking of buying a tablet next month to expand my drawing creativity. I own CS 5.5 Design Premium for Windows. Since i am not sure if this type of drawing will be the future for me, an expensive Wacom tablet is too much of a risk. So i'm thinking about these 2 options, which also make a nice tablet for home use:


      - Apple ipad air 2

      - Samsung note pro 12,2


      These are my questions:


      1) Are programs like Illustrator Draw only available for IOS? In other words: is The Ipad the only tablet when i want to use Adobe apps? Because now there is also the Samsung Note pro 12 on Android which looks appealing.


      2) Is it possible to export vector drawings from Illustrator draw to previous Illustrator versions like 5.5 (windows) Or is that only possible with a CC version?


      3) Which pen is the best suited to buy for the Ipad.


      4) As a company, do you have to take a creative cloud membership to use the export functionality to desktop programs? Or is there also a limited free membership?