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    Lightroom 5 "not enough memory" error message


      After using Lightroom 5 for several months I started to have the message "not enough memory" during the export action. It started to appear ones in a while, then it became more frequent and now it comes in every single photo exported.

      I wonder if it is related to the library size as the only thing that changed in my computer since I started to use Lightroom is that I have increased the amount of pictures.

      I run Lightroom out of my hard disk and I store the raw files as well as the modified jpg pictures in an external hard disk. Both have enough space and the core memory size has not changed since the beginning. I try not to run any other program at the same time.

      I have seen that there are several discussions on this subject but it goes normally to increasing the size of the memory but it doesn’t explain why at the beginning the export was done very quickly and without problem and why the problem increased with the time (and with the size of the library°

      Is there a way to manage the library size?