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    After Effects CS6 Command line "aerender" slower than AERenderEngine / AE


      Hi all!

      I'm currently facing a pretty serious http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=serious&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&multi wordShowSingle=onproblem with "AErender" command line tool. I've quit a lot of projects which should be rendered via command line. Using AERenderEninge and Watch-Folders isn't a option for this job. I've done quit a lot of testing and optimizing on my projects and use the multiprocessing feature which in this case decreases rendering dramatically.

      Using the same machine set-up in AE and AERenderEngine with multiprocessing I get constantly the same, fast results. But as soon as I use "aerender.exe" with command line option -mp render times increase by a least two times rendering exactly the same scene.

      I tried several different settings but none of them seam to decrease rendering times to something compare able directly from within After Effects or AE Render Engine. Using the -reuse option besides a running AE Render Engine increases rendering times too no matter which option I use (and it doesn't make sense to have a UI-based AE running side by side with aerender).

      I'm using aerender version 11.0.4x2 on Windows 7. Command line options I've tried: -mp, -mem_usage, -reuse. Any hint would be greatly appreciated.


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          KlausStangl Level 1

          Here's a followup...

          This is what I do... I have a base scene, in this scene I have several expression (...) scaling Images (only fit within comp). Those base scenes are used with other images.

          1. As soon as I only copy the whole project render time increases by at least two times.
          2. If you just open / save the copied project render times decrease to a comparable render time like the base scene.
          3. If you just exchange linked pictures render time increases by at least two times.
          4. Open / Save -> Decrease in render time back to normal.

          Really strange in my opinion, maybe the downside of MP? Only solution open/save a project?

          Update: deactivating expressions doesn't help at all, you have to open / save as soon as anything changes. Seams like AE or AERenderEngine (UI) update before rendering, "aerender.exe" doesn't do that...