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    Adobe Presenter 10 does not work with Powerpoint




      I have followed all the advice given in this forum regarding Adobe Presenter 10, but I cannot get the Adobe Presenter 10 tab to show in PowerPoint.  It used to work when I had the trial license, but now that I have a licensed version it stops working.


      What is going wrong?


      (Yes I have uninstalled, restarted, installed, uninstalled, used the File->Options->Com Add-in approach BTW why is Adobe Presenter not a valid Office Add-in?)


      Additional information:

      • Powerpoint 2013, 64-bit
      • If I uninstall Adobe Presenter and reinstall as administrator it works until the next restart, then it stops working.
      • Launching Presenter from the Start Menu does not help, it stills gets to the situation where PowerPoint does not
      • It only works if I run PowerPoint as administrator.


      Help here would be very welcome,