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    Streaming sounds being cutoff

      Hello all,

      I am experiencing an issue with some streaming sounds that I pull in. I have an example up here: http://www.humanussonus.org/flash/conflict/conflict.html. Basically, the problem is that after rolling over these images (which then dynamically stream in a random sound) the sounds will cutoff mid-go. This appears to be entirely at random as well, so I've been having a hard time troubleshooting it. I have the source file and needed sounds available here: http://www.humanussonus.org/flash/conflict/conflict.zip.

      Any ideas that anyone has are more than welcome. I've tried several different approaches, including putting a control in to only allow a certain number of sounds to be playing at any one time. I have been unable to find mention of this sort of problem through my searches; I'm wondering if my approach needs to be re-evaluated as to how I am pulling in these random sounds dynamically.

      Thank you in advance for any help.