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    Bookmarks in Dropdown Text Not Working in RH10

    ktbFL Level 1

      I have seen several posts about bookmarks in dropdown text, but can't find anything specific to what's happening in RH10 - other than someone got it to work... but yet it isn't working for me.  If there's a post that speaks directly to the issue, can you please point me to that discussion.  I'm so sorry for posting if there is already an answer floating around out there.


      In the meantime: I know I have done this with a competitor's HAT, but wondering how to set it up to work or if it's possible.  I have information in dd text that contains a bookmark that is referenced in other places (outside the dd and perhaps outside the actual topic).  But it's not opening the drop down text... in fact, it's not even being recognized.  I see the bookmark in the Project Manager pod, but if I view my build Webhelp project and click on the link that should take me to the dd information, nothing happens.  Not only does it NOT open the dropdown text, it doesn't even take me to the dropdown hotspot. 

      Is there a way to get the dd text to automatically open when the reference link is clicked?  AGAIN, my apologies if this is already posted - and yep, I even looked on Peter's site and couldn't find this specific info.