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    EULA Acrobat Pro/Live Cycle Designer


      I want to buy 1 Acrobat Pro and 1 Live Cycle Desinger but I don't understand some conditions in the EULA.

      1) can I use every function of these 2 SW without any restriction?

      2) can I develop and publish the developed forms on my homepage?

      I don't use any server component of Live Cycle and I have no intention to buy them.


      Thanks a lot

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What are the conditions that you do not understand that causes you to ask these questions?


          Any functionality that the softwares provide is yours to use on your own hardware.  Restrictions can always apply when you state something as broad as "without any restriction"... such as... you cannot sell the software/functions to others as a service.


          As far as forms go, as far as I know if they are generated using Acrobat they are not presentable as parts of web pages unless you show images of them, but they can be opened by the Adobe Reader thru the browser.  If there is a way of presenting a PDF file in a web page then you can, but I am not yet aware of any (alot has changed since I designed a web site).