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    Can I create an annotated video in Edge?


      I'm researching a potential project.  Client wants to do a stand-alone annotated video (not for YouTube).  You would see items in a kitchen and be able to click on them, like the toaster, and it would send you to the part of the video that shows you how to use a toaster (made-up example).  Probably shouldn't be done in Flash because of playback on Apple devices.  Is Edge Animate the program I should consider for this?  or is there something else??

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          vivekuma Adobe Employee

          You can do such thing as below:

               Say, in the Kitchen items are like toaster, oven, gas-stove, and you know where their usage in the video starts from.

               for ex-  toaster video starts at 10sec,  oven video starts at 20sec,  gas-stove video starts at 30sec, and there are 3 buttons one for each items.


               Put this in compositionReady handler for the stage:

                    sym.annotation = {toaster: 10, oven: 20, gasStove: 30};


               Then for the button click handler, you can add code like this:  

                    sym.$("KitchenApplianceManual")[0].currentTime = sym.annotation["toaster"];