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    How long until the next release?

    smeedee Level 3

      I am really in need of a release to fix the scrolling issues etc.. Is there any estimate for the next release? You know it IS broken and we are paying for a product which doesn't work.



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          cropher Level 1

          I would also love to know this. I understand that the EA engineers don't give a fixed date for the release until everything is done. But right now I have no idea if its right around the corner of if it takes another month or so. Which wouldn't be such a big issue if I could go back to a previous EA version. But the latest release somehow messed up all EA Versions for me; deleting and reinstalling doesn't help, either. Even when I use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.


          EA was the main reason why I switched to the Creative Cloud. And now it's the single only app that doesn't work. Because its completely broken.


          I realize that the EA engineers do everything they can (thank you), but the current situation is very frustrating.

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            smeedee Level 3

            Yes, it's very frustrating. I can't do anything until the problems are resolved. I just wish they would keep us in the loop more.