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    sync time of all related items


      If I understand this right when checked in the preferences this should hold my cursor at the same spot on the timeline when moving between comps.

      It's not working, do I need to link all the comps somehow?


      Any ideas on how to hold the cursor on the timeline so if I set comp 1 at :30sec then move to comp 2 it opens at :30.



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          This feature works for nested comps and precomps in a main comp.  Let's say you have a :30 comp, into which you nest a comp at :15.  In the main comp, you move the timeline cursor to :30.  When you go to the nested comp, the timeline cursor will be at :15.... because :15 + :15 = :30.


          You make it sound like it should work for all comps throughout the project, and that isn't the case.