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    Browser Rendering Oddities, Symbols disappearing?

    ianmcarey Level 1

      Hello folks, I was feeling great this morning having fixed (I thought) some issues with an animation (with previous help from this forum!) and successfully adding audio. The animation played fine in all browsers BEFORE I added the audio, but after:


      - In Chrome, symbols are disappearing in the middle of the animation (the arrows on the right and top, the triangle inside the "Play Again" button, and text is flickering during playback;


      - In IE, the animation freezes for a long time after initially clicking play.


      - In Firefox and Safari things seem to work fine (but Firefox is turning my dotted lines into solid).


      The most confusing part is that after I removed the audio to troubleshoot, the problems are STILL there. Not sure how I broke this. (BTW, it plays fine in browser preview from Edge Animate.)


      Here's the animation link: TOA_anim


      And here's the animate file: download


      Thanks very much for any suggestions on this confusing issue.