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    How to write a join

      I am using an access database. I have a table name strat_data_call which has the fields rec_no, agency, due_dt and a table named ccd_data_call with fields strat_rec_no, user_id. When an action takes place against a particular record in the strat_data_call a record of that action is inserted into the ccd_data_call table with the rec_no field inserted into the strat_rec_no field and the cookie.user_id is insertered into the user_id.

      I need to list all the records from the strat_data_call table which do not have corresponding records that were placed in the ccd_data_call table by the user who is signed on (cookie.user_id). The rec_no can be in the ccd_data_call table numerious times but can only be in there once for any particular user.

      How would I write the sql to display this. I have tried several different joins but none work.