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    Wacom Intuos 5 Pro - Photoshop CS6 brush glitches


      For most of a year and a half, I have never had any trouble with Photoshop and my tablet.

      I purchased a brand new Intuos 5 Pro and installed the correct driver.


      Photoshop brushes now continually glitch when drawing.  They lose all properties of the brush I have selected and create a solid color line or blob.

      I undo and then keep going.  Some of the natural brushes inside of Photoshop are slow to respond and glitch occasionally.


      NO OTHER PROGRAM DOES THIS.  I have Painter 12, Sketchbook Pro and some other sketching software.


      Photoshop CS6 is the only one that glitches.


      I have tried many 'fixes' for this.  Changing the way my graphics board is used, the amount of memory PS uses.


      I have no idea.  PS worked with my Intuos 3 tablet.  No problems.