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    Hyperlink Text

    C Clark

      How do,I change the text of a hyoerlink?  It should be easy and intuitive but it is not.  Even in Story Editor.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What kind of Hyperlink? To a URL, File, Mail, Page, or Text Anchor?


          What version of InDesign? What operating system?

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            Dennis Whitehead Level 1

            I'll jump into the question about hyperlinks, slightly different.


            In my Table of Contents, all of the page numbers link perfect;ly with each chapter heading - except one...


            Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.36.09 AM.png

            Preface highlights from the word through the number, as does Chapter Two, but Chapter One is linked on there the black bar is shown.


            How can I get it to link from the entire line, including the number 5?

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              Dennis Whitehead Level 1

              BTW - I created the TOC myself, not with InDesign, so I can't Update TOC.

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                Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks

                1. Under the flyout, select Hyperlink Destination Options

                2. You can define the destination and name the destination. (In my example I used Google)

                3. If you change the text, you will need to select it, and then re-apply the link.

                4. In my example, I reset the word Google to Search. Then I re-applied the link.


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                  Dennis Whitehead Level 1

                  Many thanks for the detailed response!


                  I'm linking internally from my Table of Contents to chapter starts.


                  In my screenshot above, PERFACE links to page three across the entire line, as does CHAPTER TWO and all other chapters.


                  But, CHAPTER ONE only links as far as the black line goes. It doesn't link to the page when clicking on the number 5.


                  I've tried deleting, rewriting, cutting and pasting, and the result is always the same. It's just that one number that won't link.