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    Files lost when transferring between Ideas and Draw

    Jarvis Glasses


      I use This app for years now (since its release), and never had any problem. I use It for WORK. So much WORK. And the fact is that the new Adobe Illustrator Draw app can't work on my old iPad 2 (Far too slow, not usable!). So I bought an iPad Air. And I created an ICloud backup to synchronise the new iPad with the old one's files. There is the first problem! When I first synchronised it, it worked, all my work was on the new one, on the good old Adobe Ideas app... But some hours later, I saw that I lost 5 drawings...! Wut?? 5 drawings left in the nature like by magic? How can it be possible?? Is this a new bug from the Adobe Ideas app?? But I, however, decided to synchronise all my work (minus the 5 ones, right?) on the creative cloud (to synchronise them with the new app! The old one will not work after the 21th of november!). And there is the second problem : it's even WORSE!!! On my 503 files, only 477 are synchronised, and all the others are gone!!! Is it real??? It can't be real!! It's just impossible!!! This is all my WORK! PLEASE! Help me!! It can't happen!!! I tried 4 times the all operations and it took me so much hours (ipad reset etc) to never have all of my 503 files put together in the new app!!! First time and second time I had so much conflict files, so much files which was duplicated and duplicated... Third time I only had 344 files on the 503, and the last time only 477 on 503... Just help me with this mess!!! This is so important to have all my files saved (and safe!) somewhere and usable to work on whenever I want!! Thank you for your precious help!