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    library locked


      Anyone know why I can't import images into the library for a simple project I've been working on. I have about 10 images imported. I published the project yesterday, now I need to edit it, but I can't bring in new images. I get no meessages, the library panel flashes as if something happens, but the file isn't there.

      If I start a new project I can import.

      Is this a "feature"? that one you publish a project you can't edit it?

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          vivekuma Adobe Employee

          Can you check the folder Read/Write mode?


          Or copy all the files (only files and no folder) manually to a new folder say "newComp", and while doing so, create the folder for images etc instead of copying them, and put the images to this new folder in the "newComp" folder, and try again if the issue exists.



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            kcimos Level 1

            OMG, it is set to read only & it keeps reverting to read only. I uncheck it, apply close go back to to properties & its checked read only again. Edge isn't open.




            OMFG every folder on my computer is set to read only.

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              kcimos Level 1

              ok, well that is some sort of microsoft prank.

              anyway I was able to paste my image into the images folder for the project & it shows in the library in Edge.