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    Flash player does not install (or either update)

    joh tselas Level 1



      I am using:


      32-bit Windows 7

      Firefox 33.0.3


      For some months now, it seemed that I couldn't update my Flash Player. I was getting the update notification, I was downloading it every time but things seemed to stop after I hit "Install". However, I never paid more attention and carried on with other things. After, today's notification (I had 4 same update files in Downloads folder) I decided to make things work. I tried to update it manually but it seemed to never start installing.


      So, I uninstalled everything. Then I tried to install it again and the same thing happened.


      After I verify that I am the administrator of the computer the installation progress bar never appears. Although, the Process runs on my computer (checked through task manager). It never appears to get fully installed. I have to manually end the process to run the next try, only to conclude to the same outcome.


      I have tried to disable some Adobe stuff on my Firefox during the installation in case they conflict but no luck.