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    Open in fulscreen

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      I've been trying for a long time to make or to find a code that will open
      new html window in absolute fullscreen (no menus, no bars, no nothing). I
      know there is already finished script/code that goes along with the
      dreamweaver, that mm_openBrowserWindow (or something like that) with
      fullscreen parametar. There are a lot popUpBrowserWindow extensinsions for
      Flash that involve JS, and other crossover workarounds...

      ... but with every new version of every new browser that comes out there is
      a new problem: Opera, Firefox, IE and many others give me a headache! If
      something works in one browser it wont work in the other and vice versa.

      That Chromeless JS was good, but it wasn't fullscreen...

      Can anyone help me... anything, i'm getting desperate :(