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    InDesign crashes when trying to insert a new page!


      I use InDesign CS6 on a PC Win7.

      Suddenly yesterday when I tried to insert pages in one of the chapters in a book I am working on (12 chapters, 260 pages)  the software crashed!

      I have tried 7 times more after that with different changes, like only open the chapter I want to insert pages in, restart the computer and so on.

      Every time I try there is a "pling"-sound and It still crashes.


      What to do?

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately there are lots of different things that can cause crashing behavior.


          Here is a list of things you could try:

          • Check that you have the latest version of InDesign CS6 installed. Help > About InDesign (should be 8.0.2) - Adobe - InDesign : For Windows : Adobe InDesign CS6 8.0.2 update - All Languages
          • Save the document as an InDesign IDML file, and reopen that IDML file in InDesign, then save it as an InDesign file again.
          • Create a copy of the InDesign document and try opening that and adding a new page.
          • In the open InDesign document before adding a page: Edit > Preferences > Type, deselect the Smart Text Reflow option.
          • Delete cache files (see: InDesign preferences and support files locations page)
          • Rename InDesign preferences file (or delete).
          • Disable/Uninstall any third party plug-ins that are installed, and check that any third party plug-ins or extensions that are installed are compatible with the InDesign version used (depending on how they are installed you could do this from the Adobe Extension Manager application - see http://helpx.adobe.com/extension-manager.html).


          If all of this fails, you might need to try and isolate which object in your document is causing the crash. That's generally a time-consuming task, but hopefully one or some of the above combined will provide you with a fix.



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            screenmick Level 1



            Thank you for all your suggestions.


            I realized after a while that it was only one document that was "buggy.

            I tried to solve the problem by creating a new empty document and then copied the data from the distorted

            file, two pages at the time, and pasted it into the new document.

            It worked. It is solved!