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    How to fix choppy/wavy video using After Effects?

    Mr. Aes

      Here's the video, just in case my explanation doesn't do justice, Shou.tv/aesthete18. It's the 21:03 minutes one (You can rotate video on top right corner)


      Some details on the video:


      The video on the site is recorded at 2mbps bitrate and 720p resolution. The max is 16mbps bitrate and 1080p resolution. Both have the same issues


      The problem:

      When the character is walking, the video seems to be wavy, you can see the screen is kinda moving to the right. It's really hard to watch and hurts the eyes after awhile. I'm not sure if this has to do with bitrate or anything but I doubt it as a friend of mine did it in 8mbps without any issues, he's was pretty smooth.


      What I'd like to know is, can it be fixed in AE? A friend of mine has AE CS4 but he doesn't know much about it. I'd be willing to learn, if you'd point me in the right direction, I can use his PC to edit.


      Keep in mind, I've only just seen the interface of AE and have no idea how anything works.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No idea since there seems to be no video. Anyway, what you describe sounds like Rolling Shutter, which has nothing to do with data rates, but general limitations of camera sensors. Since CS6 AE has an effect for that to reduce or even completely remove it, but CS4 is a different story... Short of complicated procedures with distortion effects or buying specific third-party effects tailored for this, it will be extremely difficult.



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            Mr. Aes Level 1

            Aww that's not good news. I wonder why it works well for my friend. He used an iPad mini to record while I'm using iPad 4 which is more recent.


            Sorry about the link, that's the home page. Here's the actual link https://shou.tv/v/vcxbwto

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The link is to a game play screen capture, which is upside down by the way, and it shows a lot of color and motion artifacts. The artifacts and frame rate problems have everything to do with your screen capture program and if they are in the original video there is not much you can do about it using AE or any other program. I can't stand to watch game play anyway. It even gives me a headache when the most games are running. I know recording your game play is popular with the gaming community but there has got to be a better way to capture it than the way you are doing.

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                Mr. Aes Level 1

                Thank you for the reply. Yes, the orientation of the video got messed up for some reason. The understand it is related to the program but the only reason I asked is because others have had smooth quality using the same program, which is what I don't understand. I've even asked them if they've done post-recording editing which they didn't. Unfortunately, there isn't really that many options and using quality equipment will cost a lot. I'm mainly interested in just reviewing my own gameplay to fix my flaws and maybe in the future upload with funny commentary but it's not worth investing money in at the moment.