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    My images are still in the catalog, but the Folder name has disappeared. I need to get the folder back into my structure with the images in place


      Help: I have a very well defined folder structure. Folder are located in a Master location and organized by State. Inside of these are my master RAW file folders organized by location. For example: West Virginia > BIRI_RAW_2012, BLFA_RAW_2013, NERI_RAW_2013, etc. After I set up the masterful following a shoot, I go to LR and import the images. At one time I inadvertently imported the NERI_RAW_2013 masterful set as a subset of something else and it was not appearing in my LR Module in the organization I prefer. So I went to my master folders on my drive and moved the NERI file into the West Virginia state folder. When I went back to LR, as expected the NERI folder was grey with a question mark. So I right clicked to find the files and relink, and it did not work. The folder name disappeared. The RAW files are still in the catalog and show up in a missing photos search. I can't reimport because they are already there. I just need to restore my folder structure and get the images back to the right spot.