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    Problems with displaying data in Chart

      Hi, everyone

      I am stuck with displaying data in Chart. I set the minimum and maximum for LinearAxis of a LineChart, so the chart only display the data within this range. But sometimes I still need to keep the trend of all data even the data is out of range.
      eg, the range of verticalAxis is 0 -100 and I got data 70, 120, 90. Neither I want to set the data 120 to 100 in order to keep the data point nor make the data 70 connected directly to data 90. All I want is to keep the shape, from 70 to 120, from 120 to 90, but 120 doesn't display in the chart.

      My another question is when I try to select an area of a chart to zoom in, how can I the get the exact area that I select to zoom,
      for example: I want to use exactly the result of the following line:
      ((firstMouseX - this.mouseX)/ this.dataRegion.width) * chart.dataProvider.length
      that is I don't want to use methods ceil or floor to get the approximate area.

      Excuse me, I got one question more. The weird things is my chart won't resize itself when I resize the VDividedBox or other containers. I set the width equals 100% wherever it needs to be. Just like the Flex sample - dashboard. If I open a small window at the very begining and then maximize the window, the chart still keep the small part of its container. I don't understand why.

      Sorry for too many questions.

      Hope someone can help me.

      Thanks in advance.