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    Aftereffect > swf impossible export.

    xxxben Level 1

      Hello evrybody,


      This is my probleme. I want to export a aftereffect animation in swf format. I click on > export > but there is no swf option. I have installed flash professionnal etc. How i can do to obtain the swf export option ? a pug-in ?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That feature was removed. After Effects always made lousy swf files that were way too big, didn't support effects without rasterizing and were full of other problems so the feature was removed.


          What are you going to do with the swf file? If it's just a movie then export an h.264 file using the Adobe Media Encoder and then link the movie to your flash project in Flash Professional. Everything will work better.

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            xxxben Level 1

            I am creating a animation with afterfx (simple text animation). I want to use this one in a prezi presentation and the format is .swf. I am not very gifted in flash programation and this is why I am using afterfx.

            I am trying to export in h.264 with media encoder to flash but an error block me. My animation its look like a graphique animation in motion design.


            Thanks you for yours answers