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    Can't get ADE to recognise my kobo - help!!

    Rebecca Carley

      I bought a kobo aura today. Bought a book from the kobo stall which is reading fine.


      The main reason I got an ereader was for ebooks from the public library. So I then I tried to get a public library book on to the kobo. Successfully transferred a couple of public library books to the kobo via ADE but when I tried to read the books on the kobo, I got a message saying the document wasn't authorised. Following advice on the web, I deleted ADE from the kobo folder on my pc in order to force ADE to start from scratch and reinstall on the kobo (and the ADE files in the kobo folder had been saying there was an error). ADE now won't recognise the kobo at all. Installed ADE on another computer but had the same problem, it won't recognise the kobo. I've tried so many things to try and sort the problem that I'm completely befuddled. Oh, and along the way I did a factory reset on the kobo.


      Any ideas/advice?

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          Kobo troubles.

          Hallo Rebecca, I have the same problem, I also have a Kobo Aura & I have also tried everything , I still can't open the library book on my Kobo despite the fact that both my computer ,Mac by the way , and my Kobo have been authorised . I have been getting the runaround. Kobo doesn't care wether you can borrow a book from the library , as long as you can BUY a book to read . Which of  course , NO problems . Forget ADE !!! they don't care either . All they do is refer you to forums where everyone has the same problem with no solution. Good Luck !!!  If you get anywhere with a solution let me know . I guess that I will have to look for cheap books to buy .

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            Rebecca Carley Level 1

            Thank you. I've not solved the problem but I reported it to my public library who do have been in touch with Overdrive, the 3rd party provider for the library's ebook service. The library digital media officer says that Overdrive's CEO uses a Kobo. Overdrive's 1st suggestion is to install ADE version 3. I did this but then got a message "Error! Check Activation" when I downloaded a library book and couldn't even get it into ADE. After scratching a bigger hole in my head and getting into more of a muddle, I realised I had ADEv4  installed on my other computer (authorised to my ADE account) and that this might be the source of the activation problem. I now only have ADEv3 installed but haven't been able to test Overdrive's solution as I'm now locked out from downloading library ebooks because of the number of transactions in such short period of time and I need to wait 7 days for my account to be cleared! The library service has asked Overdrive to unlock my account but this hasn't taken effect yet. 

            I also spoke with a friend who works in a university computer dept who thinks they know someone who had the same problem and may have solved it so I'm waiting to hear about that.

            The other solution that some people seem to be talking about is to strip off the DRM - I presume this creates a pirate version and I object to being forced into considering doing something illegal, however much of a racket the digital rights stuff is.

            However I am comforted that I am not the only person struggling with this issue; and bless the library staff who do give a damn about trying to resolve the problem. Will keep you posted!

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              Rebecca Carley Level 1

              Hey, I think I've solved it!!


              (My ebook library account finally unlocked) I tried the solution suggested by Overdrive i.e. use an earlier version of ADE. Didn't work. Reinstalled ADE v4, downloaded some library books and copied them to my Kobo ....... and I can open and read the books fine on the kobo!


              It's been so much hassle to get to this point that I'm half expecting this not to last but for the moment, I'm simply going to enjoy reading my library books on my kobo.