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    Aperture plugin not copying all previews

    photo-enthusiast Level 2

      Using "v1.1" of the plugin (or rather, it's actually 1.0.9 something)


      Looks like the plugin is does not copy over half of previews from the Aperture library.  I ran three tests on approximately 1100 photos each.



      All photos were selected and previews deleted in Aperture. 82 photos were selected in Aperture, and small previews were generated (defined by preferences). Verified that, indeed, 82 previews existed in the Aperture library by examining the PREVIEWS directory within the library package.


      Migrated using the new plugin. Selected all options.  Searched to find all JPEGs with _Aperture_preview.jpg appended in the Lightroom target directory. Only 31 images found.  Some of the previews that did copy were side by side others that did not copy in the same project, from the same camera.  I can’t find a reason why they did not copy.


      Here’s and entry from the log:
      Failed to copy /Volumes/Photos/Aperture Library/Ashi/IMG_8250.JPG to destination directory

      Some preview files that did not copy show in the log, but most do not.


      Anyone else seeing this?  You can test if your previews copy, too, by using the method above.