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    Aperture plugin does not create keywords correctly on previews

    photo-enthusiast Level 2

      Keywording migration is different between previews and raw files.


      "Non-face" keywording works as expected for raw files, but not for Aperture preview JPEGs. The preview JPEG seems to suffer with keywords.


      The child, parent, and child/parent combo all seem to appear as keywords in the preview JPEG, whereas only the child keywords appear in the master (correct behavior).


      This only seems to occur in JPEG previews of other Aperture modified JPEGs, not in original JPEGs or JPEG previews from raw files.


      Face keywords show up correctly on JPEGs, but not on RAW files?  Could this be a link?  Seem to have different logic for raw vs preview, but neither work together on either raw or preview.


      Raw: non-face keywords okay, only one face keyword per photo

      JPEG previews: non-face keywords are a mess, all face keywords included