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    Trying to set up ereader for library books but unable to authorise computer.

    Tracey Firestone

      I am trying to set up a Kobo Aura ereader to borrow and read library books. I have verified my Adobe ID. Each time I try (I installed, uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Digital Editions) I am unable to authorise my Windows 7 computer. I get the following error message.

           Activation Server error  code:e_adept_request_expired http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/activate 2014-11-08T15:38:27-08:00%20(1415489907000)%2015%before%202014-11-08T16:07:07-08:00%20(14 15491627736)


      I am going crazy setting up this ereader. Please help me!