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    Re-install PsCC via CC desktop tool?

    Doug.S Level 3

      I'm on a win7 x64 PC.

      Been using PsCC for over a year. Now also have PsCC2014 both x32 and x64 installed.


      Recently the menu in PsCC for Extensions has been grayed out....panel extensions that used to work, load, but panel contents were completely blank. Reset prefs did not help at all.


      Uninstalled and reinstalled AEM CC; but that did no good.  Changed selected extensions to 'Exchange' alone; that did not help. Menu for extensions always grayed out.



      So I used CC desktop to uninstall PsCC...with the intent to re-install PsCC (x32 and x64) hoping to fix the extensions issue....(I need some extensions that are not yet available to use in PsCC2014).


      BUT, to my amazement, PsCC is no longer listed as available to install. Nothing, nada, just not there at all.

      PsCC2014 shows it is up to date so I know the CC mgr knows I am a valid subscriber.


      So question is: How do I re-install PsCC? Where to get the downloads? or How do I have CC desktop list PsCC as able to install?


      I need PsCC x32 and x64....I am lost without them.